Learn how to create personalized video experience

Attend free course and learn how to build personal relationship with every customer online. Even if you have millions of them. 

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What will you learn in 45 minutes

1. What is video personalization

Discover personalized videos and its benefits for your marketing communication mix and sales. 

2. Creative tips & best practices

Learn how to create the creative concepts to maximaze impact of video personalization. 

3. Video personalization technology

Explore the technology by Motionlab to create and integrate personalized video campaigns in solutions you use. 

4. Top case studies inspiration

See the best campaigns made with Motionlab platform and their complete results and statistics.

Course master

Radek Psurny

Co-founder & creative director at Motionlab

Radek is one of the pioneers and leading experts on video personalization. He is the creative director behind award-wining personalized video campaigns for clients like HBO, KBC, Societe Generale or Marketing Festival. He is also co-founder of Motionlab video personalization platform. 

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