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How can an FSI company get 11% conversion rate from an email campaign?

Learn how to boost your sales metrics with Motionlab video personalization platform in 30 minutes. See detailed case studies from the financial industry. Host of the webinar is Filip Koubek, leading expert on video personalization and co-founder of Motionlab.


Date: the 16th of September 2021, 13:00 UTC



Webinar host

Filip Koubek

Co-founder & marketing director at Motionlab

Filip is one of the pioneers and leading experts on video personalization. He is the marketing director behind award-wining personalized video campaigns for clients like Innogy, HBO, KBC, Societe Generale or Marketing Festival. He is also co-founder of Motionlab video personalization platform. 

16th of September 2021, 13:00 UTC

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