How to start with video personalization

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What will you learn in the eBook

1. What is video personalization

Discover personalized videos and its benefits for your marketing communication mix and sales. 

2. Why should 

you care

Learn how to create the creative concepts to maximaze impact of video personalization. 

3. How does it work

Learn about the technology and how to create and integrate personalized video campaigns in solutions you use. 

4. Creation process

See what are the requirements for start of your video personalization journey.

eBook author

Filip Koubek

Co-founder & CMO at Motionlab 

Filip's background is in video production and advertising business, where he and his colleagues tried to find easy-to-use solution for making videos more personal.  When they didn't find anything, they decided to create the solution by themselves. 

Thanks to Motionlab can now brands create personal relationships with thousands of customers. In 2021 was Filip selected as one of the 30 under 30 list by czech Forbes. 

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